Patrick Barrett



Bronze is a CoAP library and framework written in Rust and loosely modeled after the Iron web framework. It is currently under development but already provides features comparable to most basic CoAP libraries.



PicoCoAP is a CoAP implementation for extremely resource constrained devices. It is currently limited to message serialization and deserialization, but I'm considering implementing a full CoAP server.



libexosite coap is an implementation of a CoAP client that wraps Exosite's CoAP API. It uses PicoCoAP for message processing and internally implements all behaviors required for both standard and observed requests, handling all message reliability and message routing.



This Site

The site you are reading right now is a static site generated by scratch-built static site generator written in Rust.


Notes to Self

A simple service hosted on Heroku, again using the Tornado framework. It allows you to create notes in markdown for saving. Notes can be organized by a tagging system.

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3D Printers

I built, what I believe was, the first RepRap Mendel in the US and one of the first in the World. I previously built and/or maintained the Mahtomedi High School FabLab''s 3d printers which includes: a MakerGear Mosaic, a PP3DP Up!, and a Projet 3d printer. Currently, I'm being lazy and printing things on my almost unmodified PP3DP Up! Mini, but may at some point finish building my Mendle90.